Affiliate Programs

The great thing about affiliate programs is that they are businesses that are ready to go and proven. The way it works is that a company want to sell their product and instead of paying for advertising they pay you to sell it for them. This is a perfect scenario for people who want to create passive income. Just spend a little time blogging, making videos, or posting about a site's product and then site back and get the rewards. You get all the benefits of being an entrepreneur and none of the headaches involved. Below I list a few Affiliate Programs that I have tried and found to work well.
Green Smoke (Electronic Cigarettes):
This company provides a great program. They give you customized links, posters, business cards, pen stickers, and many, many more items. They provide comprehensive tracking tools, so you can see how many people customers you have and exactly how much you will be making. They also provide a lot of training material. This will definitely be a success for newbies and weathered affiliate professionals. I left the best part for last - it is absolutely free and easy to try. This is a big plus for people wanting to get started without using any of their own money. My suggestion would be to try it and if you don't like it - no loss, you didn't have to pay for anything.

Trend Revenue (Multiple Categories - Currently Discount Ink and Pet Supplies):
This company has a great affiliate program. Currently, they have two categories for affiliate programs. They sell discount ink/toner and pet supplies. Both of these programs have a good recurring sales aspect to them - especially the ink/toner. This site provides lots of tool and help for you to get started. They let you customize your own banners, and they also help you design and build your own website to sell your products. You can have complete control on the amount of commission you make on each sale. This program is also free, so there is no risk to trying it out. This is a great site to get started on.